New York Bed Bugs

By Perry Benani

Bed Bugs In New York

It seems that the Big Apple is getting infested! Bed bugs are infesting New York, becoming a major problem. Learn more about the nocturnal bugs and how to eliminate them fast and forever.

Millions of people throughout New York and its surrounding cities aren’t resting well since bed bugs have been biting. These seed-sized insects are feasting on the bloodsucking of indifferent sleeping people and plagued offices, hotels, luxury condominiums, and deteriorating multi-family homes From public schools, theaters, and department stores.

Bed Bug Facts

Thought to be extinct throughout the United States during the 1950s, Bed bugs are now appearing to be making a comeback across various states, even in New York City. The experts say that the bugs are resurfacing due to the increasing number of international travelers and the banning of pesticides for bugs such as DDT and DDT, which were utilized for treating bed bugs.

The wingless, flat, and reddish-brown-like creatures are common bed bugs usually found in the mattress where people sleep. They are attracted by bodies’ heat as well as carbon dioxide. Although they aren’t solely nocturnal, they are most active during the night, which is why they are active when the most victims are asleep.

Bed bug bites may cause itching, redness, or allergic reactions in certain people. In the opinion of Mayo Clinic, there are no proofs to suggest that bed bugs carry disease.

Evidence suggests that the average lifespan of bed bugs is 12-18 months, and they manage to survive for a long time without feeding on their host.

Bed Bug Statistics in New York

According to a 2012 report published in PR Newswire, New York City was named the third-highest bedbug-infested city in the United States.

Below is a list of the 15 cities that are the most infested US cities.

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Cincinnati
  3. New York City
  4. Chicago
  5. Detroit
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Columbus, Ohio
  8. San Francisco
  9. Denver
  10. New Haven, Conn.
  11. Dallas
  12. Houston
  13. Indianapolis
  14. Miami
  15. Cleveland

The Department of Education in New York reported an estimated 1,019 confirmed cases of bed bugs in the 2009-10 school term – an increase of 88 percent over the previous year’s school year.

The travel site on the internet, TripAdvisor, where travelers leave reviews, said that it had observed a 12-percent increase of New York City posts referencing bed bugs. (The site also compared the initial eight months with the same time frame last year.)

As of 2009, the New York City Health Department discovered that over 6 percent of residents, one out of 15 adults, reported having combated pests in the past year.

New York City housing officials’ number of bed bug reports had risen to more than 11,000 by 2009, a jump from less than 500 in 2004. The city reported a 240 percent increase in bed bug-related violations in private rental properties between 2006 and 2009.

Bed Bugs in New York

In a separate report from the New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board in April 2010, they noted that:

  1. Private residential rental house violations statistics in New York City show a more than 240% increase in bed bug-related violations between 2006 to 2009, which ranged from 1,193 to 4,084 incidents.
  2. The 311 services in 2009 were contacted by 33,772 inquiries related to bed bugs, up from 21,922 in 2008. This is a growth of 54%.
  3. The number of confirmed bed bug cases requiring treatment at the 243 New York City public schools in FY 2009 was nearly twice more than2008.

Bed Bug Responsibilities For Tenants and Landlords Living in New York

Some laws assist tenants in protecting themselves from negligent landlords. The Warranty of Habitability for NYC stipulates that landlords must maintain their premises. 

They must also offer pest and insect control. However, a judge could decide that the landlord is responsible for the problem, and the landlord doesn’t need to offer professional-level extermination.

The New York City Housing Maintenance Code also pointed out the issue of pests. The Code states that landlords must offer a mandatory extermination service of any infestation.

In smaller, multi-dwelling structures, the lease may specify that the tenant is required to deal with infestations.

This information is not meant to be taken as legal counsel. Always seek the advice of a professional for all legal issues. If you are in a position that could result in disagreement, you should consult an attorney. 

Many lawyers specialize in landlord/tenant relationships. They can assist you.

New York City Rent Guidelines Board also issued the forms required for the brand new tenant disclosure law for bed bugs (New York City Administrative Code 27-2018.1) which requires notification of a one-year history of bed bug infestation for new tenants to be handed out. 

The notices must be given to all property owners who offer residential leases.

Tenants who are affected by bed bugs can also read the helpful advice provided by the Metropolitan Tenants Organization and New York City Council.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid yourself of bed bugs is a challenging and time-consuming task, as it typically takes more than one therapy and a long time to eliminate them.

If you are not sure bed bugs have infested your home, The first and the most obvious option is to seek out the assistance of an expert insect exterminator. They are equipped with the right knowledge of training, equipment, and tools to ensure success in eliminating bed bugs.

Need to Find Experienced Bed Bug Exterminator in New York

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There are other options for those looking to get rid of bed bugs, you can fnd them in all kinds of places, from beds to furniture to couches. 

A thorough examination followed by a thorough cleaning using a vacuum or heating and using pesticides and bed bug-proof mattress covers will help to get rid of the issue.oi

However, experts advise that to keep pests from spreading to other areas, you must be careful not to pick up garbage furniture from the streets that could be a direct way to bring the infestation home.

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