Chicago Bed Bugs (2022)

By Perry Benani

Bed Bugs in Chicago

Get information about Chicago bed bugs, including resources on how to deal with the growing bed bug infestation problem in the City of Chicago.

Chicago is atop the list position in the Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List for the second time in two years Pest control company declared on Monday.

The list was compiled by the company by analyzing the data of metropolitan areas in which it carried out the highest number of bed bug treatments between December. 1, 2020 until November. 30 2021, as per an announcement.

Philadelphia along with New York obtained second and third places in the respective rankings, and both saw the biggest jumps with Philadelphia moving up 12 spots, as well as New York moving up nine spots on the list.

Alongside Chicago, There were two additional Illinois cities were included in the top 50: Champaign which ranked at No. 13, and Peoria which was ranked No. 45.

No bigger than apple seeds, bed bugs have become a horrible epidemic in major cities simply because their infestations are spreading and affecting places such as hotels, office buildings, upscale stores, theaters to schools, and houses.

If you are unlucky enough to even have the slightest encounter with bed bugs, you will know that their bites can leave red, irritating marks around the body and they are damn hard to get rid of once they have entered your home.

Bed Bug Growing Populations

Once thought to be almost eradicated from the United States after World War II, bed bugs are making a comeback on a scale that’s never been seen before.

Entomologists and experts believe that increases in international travel in 2022 (with the bugs gifted ability to “hitch” rides in luggage and clothing) and restrictions on certain pesticides, like DDT, that were once used to treat bed bugs as possible contributing factors that may have caused a resurgence of the pest in major cities across the United States and around the world.

Bed Bugs in Chicago

Chicago Bed Bugs

Chicago has been crowned for the second time consecutively as the number one city listed.

The 2022 top of Orkin’s 50 Cities for Bed Bug Cities List, with Philadelphia and New York moving into the third and second places in the respective positions.

The two Northeast cities experienced the highest leaps, with Philadelphia rising 12 places as well as New York moving up nine places.

For newcomers to the ranking, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was ranked at 42 while Lincoln, Nebraska, barely got in at #50.

Chicago’s Metropolitan Tenants Organization, advocates for renters’ rights.  

Chicago Bed Bugs Resources

City of Chicago: Information about Bed Bugs
Useful background information and bed bug fact sheets on how to protect yourself from bed bugs as well as landlords’ and building managers’ checklists about responding to the growing bed bug problem in the City of Chicago are available in both English and Spanish.

Latest Figures On Bed Bug Population
Updates of the latest bed bug reports in Chicago.

It will take place at the Red Rock Resort, Casino, and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, from Sept. 6-7, 2012, and will be called Bed Bug University: North American Summit 2012.  

On this 3 days event, attendees will be provided with a comprehensive review of all the best bed bug management options from around the world. The summit will also cover legal protection, bed bug control, treatment cost containment, and much more.  

Request additional information about the Bed Bug University North American Summit by emailing [email protected] or visiting their website:

Bed Bug Tips For Travelers

If you are traveling and booking a hotel room, there are steps you can take to protect yourself:

chicago bed bugs travel prevention
  • Upon checking into your room, first, place your bags on non-upholstered furniture such as the toilet basin or coffee table.
  • Next, pull back the bedding and inspect the mattress, box spring, and headboard of your hotel bed to look for any signs of bed bugs or telltale bloodstains. Bed bugs are rusty-brown in color, with an oval-shaped body, and are about 1/4 inch long (about the size of an apple seed).
  • Even in the event that no bed bugs are sighted, as a precaution, don’t leave anything on your bed or on the floor next to your bed, especially your bags and shoes since bed bugs can also live in the upholstery and carpet.
  • Some experts also recommend spraying the luggage with EPA-approved bed bug spray to prevent and kill any potential bugs.
  • Upon returning home, unpack your baggage one piece at a time in a brightly lit area away from your bed, sofa, and upholstered furniture. Take out all of your washable items and wash them in hot water (minimum 120°F) for at least 20 minutes.

Bed Bugs Travel Prevention — Additional checklists and tips to prevent bed bugs when traveling.

Trip Advisor — Read reviews and bed bug reports of hotels in Chicago.

Professional Bed Bug Exterminator Service in Chicago

If you feel you are unable to take care of the infestation yourself, call an expert bed bug exterminator. A certified pest controller has the invested knowledge, training, and equipment to help guarantee the success of the extermination of bed bugs from your property.

Given the high cost it takes to exterminate bed bugs in Chicago, it is also advisable that one should first get some quotes from qualified bed bug control professionals in your area.

 Click Here To Get Free Quotes From Pest Contractors in Chicago

Remember: It is important to select a pest control company that guarantees professionalism, reliability, and integrity since the cheapest price may not be always the best solution for you.

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