5 Effective Bed Bugs Treatments (DIY)

By Perry Benani

Bed Bugs Treatment For Your Home

Check out some of the best bed bug treatments you can try at home to eliminate and control bed bugs without paying costly exterminators.

1. Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuuming is among the main steps for eliminating bed bugs. It is essential to thoroughly clean the entire area when you suspect bed bugs in your house. 

Vacuum all mattresses within your home, including furniture with upholstery, like sofas and curtains. Utilize the crevice suction tool to perform deep vacuuming specifically for headboards, frames for beds, and any cracks and seams on your floors or walls that a standard vacuum cannot remove. 

Also, make sure to vacuum your carpets and rugs, too.

After vacuuming, immediately remove the vacuum bag inside a sealed plastic bag and throw it out outside the home.

While vacuuming alone will be unable to kill bed bug infestations, it could aid in controlling and getting rid of the majority of them before your entire house or apartment is affected. 

To completely remove bed bugs, you should mix vacuuming and other bed bug treatments and elimination methods.

2. Thermal Treatment

Bed bugs are quickly killed in temperatures of more than 100degF (or higher than 38degC) as they are highly sensitive to heat, so it is one of the best options for bed bugs treatment.

This is why you can utilize steamers, which are used by most exterminators who specialize in killing the eggs of bed bugs and their nests naturally.

The same treatment is applied to your bedding as well as clothing. You can soak them or wash them in hot water for clothes and bedding for between 10 and 20 minutes before setting your dryer on the temperature cycle to remove the odor.

In addition, the bed bug steamers can also be employed to sterilize and clean toys and footwear, stuffed animals, pieces of luggage, and other items that aren’t easily cleaned using hot water.

bed bugs treatment

3. Bed Bug Spray

In general, sprays for bed bugs are effective in killing bed bugs when they come into an encounter. 

Bed insect sprays work by piercing the exoskeleton of bugs using a mixture that contains salts and surfactants, which causes them to dry out and eventually die. 

Sprays can be sprayed on mattresses or furniture, box springs, and baseboards and are the most effective treatment for difficult-to-access places like cracks or crevices.

It is recommended that you purchase an odorless and non-residual product like Sterifab (that will kill bed bugs upon contact) to ensure that it does not leave any residue or chemical that could cause harm to both people as well as pets. 

Steri-FAB’s water-based formula ensures that it does not leave stains on the fabric or water-safe surfaces and is safe for use on mattresses and other sleeping areas.

4. Mattress Covers and Encasements

Using a hypoallergenic, water-proof zippered mattress cover that is “allergen rated” or “for dust mites” is an easy way to stop and eliminate bed bugs. 

Mattresses that are bed bug-proof cover can stop pests from crawling inside and out. By putting a mattress cover over the mattress, bugs will be unable to get in, and those living underneath it cannot escape and be killed due to a lack of food. 

The mattress cover won’t just keep the bugs from entering but also ensure that eggs don’t grow into adults and reproduce, leading to a further outbreak. So, you do not have to buy an entirely new mattress.

It is suggested that you keep your cover in place for a minimum of one year to guarantee that bed bugs are kept out of your mattress and ultimately kill bed bugs trapped inside.

Guard your mattress and box springs by encasing them in Bed Bug Proof Encasements for your bedding.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is fossilized diatoms that live in water. It is an organic and natural insect control powder that cuts and scratches the exoskeletons of hard-bodied insects upon contact, causing them to be dehydrated and asphyxiated. 

Diatomaceous earth can last for a long time when left untreated and offers constant and long-lasting protection against insects.

Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth all over the bed, including crevices and cracks and other hotspots that you think bed bugs reside and conceal. 

After that, the insects that crawl on the diatomaceous soil will die within one hour after contact.

Bed bug infestations can result in significant health issues, and it is imperative to treat them promptly. 

Because bed bugs can persist for a long time without food, treatments must be repeated per week for several weeks to eliminate any infestations so that you can ensure that your home is bug-free.

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