Bed Bug Steamer

By Perry Benani

Bed Bug Steamer – Kill Bed Bugs With Steam

Did you know that the bed bug steamer is fast becoming one of the best tool for killing bed bugs amongst homeowners and professionals? Read on to find out how you can use steam to kill bed bugs quickly, naturally and safely in your home.

In the past, the only way of killing bed bugs would be to spray treat the entire infested area with harmful chemicals like pesticides. However, that has some serious harmful consequences, especially if you are going to be breathing in the fumes. However, in recent years, the bed bug steamer prevents all that hassle and has many more functional advantages in your fight against bed bugs.

If you are in a battle to get rid of a bed bug infestation in your home, apartment or office, a professional bed bug steam cleaner is a must have tool of choice to help get rid of these tiny blood sucking pests and their eggs even if they are hidden in difficult or hard to reach spots.

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How to Choose a Good Bed Bug Steamer

Choosing to kill bed bugs with heat and steam is relatively easy and hassle free but you need to look for several elements in a steam cleaner if it is to help you get rid of these little critters. The following are some of the essential key points to note when you are looking to choose a good bed bug steamer:

  • Normally, water with a temperature of at least 120°F will kill bed bugs. However, with a steam cleaner, the ideal temperature should be at least 200°F (or 90°C) at the tip of the steamer to kill both bed bugs and their eggs effectively and instantly.
  • The cleaner should have several attachments to safely steam mattress, furnitures, floors as well as hard to reach areas.
  • Always choose a dry vapor (low moisture) steamer as it will significantly reduce the risk of mold and mildew developing while you are trying to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Steamer vs. Conventional Steamer

You should be aware of the fact that it does make a difference when you choose a professional bed bug steamer over a conventional steamer to get rid of the bed bugs infestation.

A professional bed bug steamer is usually high temperature, dry vapor and is equiped specifically to destroying bed bugs quickly and safely whereas, on the other hand, the conventional steamer may not achieve the required temperatures to kill off the bugs and may also produce high moisture content, which can cause some of your furnitures to develop mold and mildew.

How To Kill Bed Bugs With Steam — Step by Step

Assuming that you have now chosen an effective bed bug steamer, the following are some simple but important cleaning tips when using a bed bug steamer to get rid of bed bugs:

  1. Tidy any clutter you may have in your home to allow you to get to the bed bugs far more easily. The less stuff you have lying about, the more effective treatment will be. Do not remove any furniture from the room.
  2. Beware of the steam from the steamer. It is incredibly easy to burn yourself if you are not careful. Use safety equipment like goggles, gloves and body protection to make sure that you cannot burn yourself at any point.
  3. Seal all holes, cracks and gaps around and in the room. Caulking will help to reduce the number of places that bed bugs can hide.
  4. Be careful not to use the steamer near electrical outlets.
  5. Use the bed bug steamer on all furniture and fabrics in the room. Start with the bed or sofa and slowly but surely move around the room, paying particular attention to all cracks and crevices in furniture and otherwise that could provide a haven for bed bugs.
  6. When you have finished, vacuum all surfaces in the room including the carpets, floors, bed frames, furniture, cracks and crevices. Seal and empty the vacuum bag outside of your home after each use.
Kill Bed Bugs With Steam

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

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