Bed Bug Statistics By State (2022)

By Perry Benani

In every state in America, bed bug cases have been reported. There are problems in every state which can affect you when you move from one to another.

I will provide some shocking bed bug statistics in this guide.

As there are fewer travel restrictions due to the pandemic, people will travel much more than ever before. This results in the spread of bed bugs becoming even more rapid.

When people travel, bed bugs often find their way into their luggage or other belongings and cause the spread of infestation exponentially.

Over the past 30 years, bed bugs have multiplied significantly. It was common to find bed bugs in the early 20th century. 

The US had very few bed bug cases. We almost completely forgot about the little critters after the pesticides did their job. But they re-emerged because they had developed resistance to the chemicals that had killed them, reproducing quickly.

In the 21st century, bed bugs have become a major problem. It doesn’t matter if they’re in rundown apartments or 5-star hotels because they’re not attracted to dirt.

Do you have any bed bug infestations in the state where you live? 

How many cases have been reported in every state?

We will address these questions in this article, and then we will provide you with a list of the top states and cities with bed bug infestations.

Let’s dive in.

Which State Has Most Bed Bugs?

Chicago has the most bed bug cases reported in 2021, it was 2. place in 2020 and rises to the top in 2021.

You can find the latest ranking of your state in the interactive map below (data source: The number you see when you hover over each state is its rank in the number of bed bug cases. Darker color means more reported infestations.

Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List

  1. Chicago (+2)
  2. Baltimore
  3. Washington, DC (-2)
  4. Detroit (+3)
  5. Columbus, OH
  6. Cleveland, OH (+5)
  7. Indianapolis (+2)
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Los Angeles (-5)
  10. Grand Rapids, MI (+8)
  11. Charlotte, N.C. (+9)
  12. New York (-6)
  13. Atlanta (-3)
  14. Philadelphia (-2)
  15. Champaign, IL (+1)
  16. Dallas-Ft. Worth (+1)
  17. Raleigh, N.C. (-3)
  18. Charleston, W.V. (+8)
  19. Pittsburgh
  20. Denver (+7)
  21. Flint, MI (+10)
  22. San Francisco (-9)
  23. Greenville, S.C. (-1)
  24. Norfolk, VA (-9)
  25. St. Louis, MO (+3)
  26. Richmond, VA (-5)
  27. Toledo, OH (+23)
  28. Dayton, OH (+21)
  29. Buffalo, N.Y. (-5)
  30. Omaha (+5)
  31. Nashville (-2)
  32. Milwaukee (+1)
  33. Ft. Wayne, IN (+13)
  34. Greensboro, N.C. (-9)
  35. Cedar Rapids, IA (+6)
  36. Knoxville (-13)
  37. Houston (+1)
  38. Davenport, IA (-1)
  39. Tampa (-5)
  40. Youngstown, Ohio (new to the list)
  41. South Bend, IN (new to the list)
  42. Phoenix (+3)
  43. Lexington, KY (new to the list)
  44. Seattle (-1)
  45. Orlando (-9)
  46. Louisville, KY (new to the list)
  47. Miami (-15)
  48. Lansing, MI (-18)
  49. Peoria, IL (new to the list)
  50. Minneapolis (new to the list)


5 Facts About Bed Bugs

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